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Providing residential and commercial tarmacing work.

tarmac-thumbNew Tarmacadam Work
Where we would excavate the ground, install a weed membrane, compact a layer of Type 1 MOT, lay a sub-base of Tarmacadam and then a final wearing course of Tarmacadam. Depth of excavation and thicknesses and the specification of the stone and Tarmacadam is determined by the type of traffic the new surface will be subjected to. Any kerbs, edging or drainage are all installed prior to laying the Tarmacadam.
Preparing the Ground
Often we work for building contractors who prefer to concrete kerbs into place, install drainage and compact the stone themselves. We would then lay the sub-base and wearing layer of Tarmacadam to finish the project.
For damaged areas of existing Tarmacadam and concrete, excavation is not always necessary. In this case the pot holes would be cut out and the surface industrially cleaned. All loose debris would be removed including weeds and moss etc., a bitumen based spray tack adhesive is applied and then the final wearing layer of Tarmacadam laid. Again the specification and thickness is determined by the type of traffic the new surface will be subjected to.

We use state-of-the-art equipment and our technicians are knowledgeable and experienced in all manner of substrate layering.
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