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Durkin Premier Landscapes Ltd specialise in limited access and hard to get to locations, we can get our machines through a standard garden gate. Whether you are a home owner overwhelmed by the hard labour in your DIY project or a fellow contractor who’s in need of a smaller machine for excavation we will help you get your project on the fast track.



Concrete footings exist to transfer the structural loads from the building (snow load, live load, dead load, wind load, etc.) to the Earth. Obviously, the foundations on a building are critical from a structural standpoint. However, since they are usually unseen after backfilling, too many times the foundations are not built without enough attention to detail.

It’s often said that any building project that doesn’t come out of the ground well will be difficult to ever get back on track. It is therefore important for customers to understand both the function and the acceptable tolerances on foundations.


We also specialise in site clearances, excavations, muck shifting, waste disposal and demolition clearances. Durkin Premier Landscapes Ltd has lots of experience with excavation work and our fully licensed staff can handle any situation. If you need your space or area cleared quickly & efficiently choose Durkin Premier Landcapes Ltd to get the job done!

For more information on site clearance, waste disposal and demolition clearances please do not hesitate to contact us

Some of the services we offer are:-

• Excavation for landscaping/concrete bases.
• Removal and disposal of fill/dirt
• Backfilling, grading and compacting of aggregates
• Concrete/asphalt breaking and removal.
• Decorative stone placement.

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